Indian Cooking Hacks: Recipes To Use Leftover Chashni From Retailer-Purchased Sweets


Chashni or candy sugar syrup envelopes our favorite desserts like rasgullas and gulab jamuns. All of us can testify to have dreamed about ingesting this sugary deliciousness, straight from the bowl. However the watchful eyes of our moms would discourage us from doing so. Chashni is straightforward sugar syrup made by heating water and processed sugar collectively, till it turns right into a thick liquid that’s then used to coat a lot of totally different desi sweets. Generally it’s flavoured with some saffron and cardamom powder. This sugar syrup is absorbed by the sweets and offers them the deliciously wealthy style that Indian sweets are identified for.

Once we purchase sweets from any halwai or candy store, they often come seeped in plenty of chashni. Though we often end the sweets, the sugar syrup is often left behind. Finally, this sugar syrup will get thrown out or is discovered languishing in a field, in the back of our fridges. However there are literally a lot of methods of utilising this leftover chashni out of your store-bought sweets.

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You possibly can dip your home made malpua on this leftover chashni. Malpuas are flat, candy pancakes which can be comprised of refined flour and semolina. The batter is then poured within the type of thick rounds in sizzling ghee and is fried to a golden brown and crisp end. These are then dipped for a few hours in sugar syrup. Here is a malpua recipe that you would be able to strive at house.

Use leftover chashni to make malpua

The very best dessert you may utilise your sugar syrup with is the shahi tukda that’s extraordinarily easy-to-make. A well-liked home made model makes use of bread items which can be deep-fried till golden after which dipped within the chashni. They’re served chilly, topped with thick rabri, which is a discount of full-fat milk. Here is a shahi tukda recipe you may strive.

You can too use chashni to arrange candy rice or zarda pulao. All it’s a must to do is add soaked rice within the sugar syrup and prepare dinner it for a while. You possibly can add nuts and spices in addition to rose water to make it extra flavourful. Here is a recipe of candy rice or zarda pulao that you would be able to strive.

You possibly can merely drizzle this sugar syrup over assorted fruits to get a tasty and wholesome dessert. You need to use it on fruits like mangoes, kiwis, pears, strawberries and many others. You can too dip these fruits within the sugar syrup after which use them to brighten muffins and cupcakes.

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Pickled amla or amla murabba is a wholesome candy that’s consumed in a lot of Indian properties. The recipe requires you to soak the pickled and cooked amla or Indian gooseberries in sugar syrup, which is comprised of scratch. Utilizing leftover sugar syrup can prevent that effort and scale back wastage as nicely. Right here is an amla murabba recipe you may love.